The Shelflife of CBD Products

Shelf life of CBD

Did you know that CBD is like any other perishable product…it has a shelf life!

Many people ask, “How long does CBD last?”Overall, CBD products tend to last 1 to 2 years depending on the quality, ingredients, extraction process, packaging, and of course, how they are stored in your home.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound found in the hemp plant. The shelf life of CBD should be stored properly to maintain its potency. There are many factors that can affect the shelf life of CBD. It is important to recognize there have been claims made about the health benefits of CBD, there have not been enough studies to conclusively say that CBD will improve your health definitively

CBD can come in many different forms. However, no matter what form it is purchased in, there are a few key things one should keep an eye on in determining the shelf-life of the CBD being purchased.

1. The Extraction Process of CBD – the most common method to extract CBD from the plant is by using the carbon dioxide method. This way of extraction is believed to maximize levels of CBD, which are pulled from the plant. Another method is solvent extraction, which involves using ethanol, butane, propane, isopropyl, or alcohol. This option is the quickest and most affordable for CBD companies due to the highly flammable and dangerous contents of the materials used to extract. This extraction of CBD by a solvent process is dangerous, and also can be toxic as there have been traces of hydrocarbons and petroleum in CBD products extracted using this method. The carbon dioxide process is considered the best, safest option.

2. The ingredients used are very important! The ingredients used can have a huge impact on the shelf life of CBD products. The majority of companies will use hemp extract in their product. Hemp extract is low in cannabidiol (CBD) and higher in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another cannabinoid in marijuana. It has been proven that THC degrades faster than CBD when exposed to heat, light, and oxygen. Therefore, look for a product that uses pure CBD extract. This will ensure your CBD is potent throughout the time you have it. Also if you are buying gummies, candies, or anything flavored, make sure to pay attention to those ingredients as well!

3. Quality of CBD itself – CBD products are not made equally, some CBD products on the market are sub-par and can contain harmful ingredients. Due to recent FDA regulations, consumers should always continue to ask questions about what is in the product. Ask the company where they source their hemp from, make sure it is grown by farmers with organic certifications! Also, find out what type of extraction process is used to make the CBD!

4. Quality of The Packaging – Another important thing to note is the packaging! When CBD products are exposed to heat and light, they will degrade and decrease their potency. Therefore always buy products in packages that protect them from UV rays and also make sure the product is well protected from oxidative degradation by using a nitrogen gas flush in sealed containers.

5. Packaging – how your CBD product is packaged will have a large impact on its shelf life. If the product you are looking at comes in a clear, thin plastic it will not be best for maintaining potency. The best packaging for CBD, for tinctures especially, is small, amber-colored, dark bottles. It is speculated that the less amount of light transmitted in the CBD product will increase its shelf life. Additionally, Cannabinoids like CBD are not stable compounds and can degrade over time. Exposure to sunlight, high temperatures, or oxygen can result in the loss of potency of cannabinoids like CBD. The packaging should also say how long it can be kept. This allows you to know the length of shelf life your product will have. It is a good idea to keep your CBD products in a cool, dry, and dark space! Maybe a medicine cabinet or drawer tucked away from the sun, and water too!

CBD products expire! – They might not go bad, but they do expire and lose potency over time. The expiry date will be listed on the package of CBD products. It is a good idea to check from where you are purchasing your CBD for additional information about their product’s expiration dates.

It is important to always ask questions when buying CBD products. CBD products should always be taken back if they fail to work, ensure you are buying from a company that is willing and able to replace the product in the event of anything less than 100% satisfaction

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